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adobe premiere pro training sydney

Adobe Premiere Pro Course Sydney

Create impressive video with maximum impact using the powerful, flexible editing capabilities of Adobe Premiere Pro. This workshop covers the essentials of this powerful application allowing you to get your video message across fast.

Whether you’re new to Premiere Pro, a competent user or looking for coaching on a plethora of topics, we have a course to match your needs. We train on all Adobe versions. We also train on Photoshop, InDesign, IllustratorAfter Effects, and Adobe Captivate.

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Easy Video Editing with Premiere Pro

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Level 1 - Essentials

Adobe Premiere Pro Course Sydney Level 1

Our 1 day Premiere Pro essentials course has a maximum recommended class size of 6 ensuring that the day is fully utilised and focused on the most useful content.



  • Formats, Codecs and video standards Overview
  • The video editing workflow
  • Understanding projects, sequences and clips, Bins


  • Workspaces Overview
  • The Source, Program, Project and Sequence panels
  • Effects Controls, Audio, Metadata, Media Browser, Effects and History panels
  • Tools Panel and audio meters

Capturing and converting footage

  • Capturing from tape based DV Camera
  • Ingesting from hard drive, DSLR and solid state based Video cameras
  • Ingesting & Transcoding using Adobe Prelude

Importing and organising your footage

  • Importing single and multiple files and folders
  • Using bins and organizing clips
  • Adding metadata to clips
  • The Speech Analysis tool

Basic Editing

  • Previewing your clips in the Source Panel
  • Playback and marking shortcuts
  • Understanding an insert and overwrite edit
  • Viewing a waveform and editing audio
  • Different image formats

Editing in the Timeline

  • Creating a new sequence using your clips settings
  • Rearranging clips in the timeline
  • Editing in and out points
  • Copying and pasting clips
  • Understanding tracks and using track select
  • Ripple and roll edits
  • Using the razor blade


  • Adding titles,
  • Rolling Credits & crawls
  • Lower third text
  • Text on a Path
  • Creating Banner shapes
  • Adding company Logo
Level 2

Adobe Premiere Pro Course Sydney Level 2

Our 1 day Premiere Pro essentials course has a maximum recommended class size of 6 ensuring that the day is fully utilised and focused on the most useful content.


Working with audio

  • Setting audio levels
  • Sound tools including Normalize, Equalization, Compression
  • Using the Audio Mixer and the pen tool
  • Syncing audio using markers
  • Automating Volume levels
  • Record voice-overs

Video Effects

  • Transitions
  • Setting exposure and saturation
  • Colour balance technics
  • Broadcast safe
  • Keying
  • Stylized Effects
  • Rendering and realtime playback

Speed change

  • Modifying clip speed
  • Vary speed
  • Reverse
  • Hold frame

Motion Control

  • In-depth Motion Controls
  • Picture In Picture effect
  • Using keyframes to animate
  • Controlling multiple clips and nesting

Exporting your project

  • Understanding formats and presets (compression vs Lossless)
  • Exporting to the web for H264 (youtube, Vimeo, website)
  • Exporting for PC and MAC playback
  • Creating files ready for DVD
  • Exporting for broadcast

Project Management

  • Archiving
  • Copying your project to a new location
  • Creating a trimmed project, deleting unused clips
  • Re-linking Files
Combine or request topics to create your own tailor made training course. A course can be split over 1 or 2 days or a number of short sessions to suit your schedule.  Ask about our free training needs analysis for a truly relevant and hands on learning experience.


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