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Learn how to Create Responsive EDMs
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Email Marketing Training Sydney Onsite

Trainers Direct offers onsite Email Marketing Training in Sydney at your Workplace. Creating responsive e-marketing materials is essential for any effective campaign.  Our short email marketing training courses get users up to speed with producing email newsletters that look great on mobile devices as well as desktop screens.

All of our training courses are taught by highly experienced instructors with at least 15 years industry experience. Learn from the experts and book an in-house course today.


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Responsive Email Newsletters


Responsive Email Newsletters Essentials Training 1 Day Course Sydney 

OUTLINE – Duration: 1 Day

Prerequisite: Intro to EDMs

HTML & CSS Revision
Revision of HTML suitable for email
Reliable HTML tags
Server side images
HTML Attributes
Embedded CSS
Using an inliner
Fixups and work arounds
Imposter body and nested tables
Where to place preheader text
Hiding preheaders
Fluid Layout
Single column fluid layout
Fluid images
Viewport meta for mobile devices
Font sizes for small screens
Link size for touch screens
Issues in email clients
The failings of fluid side by side layout
Responsive Layout
Responsive CSS essentials
Media queries for small screens
Break points
Switch between side by side and stacked layouts
Hide and show elements
Fluid images for responsive design
Button sizes for touch screens
Inlining for responsive CSS
Fixups for Responsive Layout
Where does responsive work?
Work arounds for Yahoo
Advanced attribute selectors
Using !important
Issues with Gmail
Hybrid Layout (an overview)
What is Hybrid layout?
An overview of Hybrid layout code
Recognising Microsoft specific conditional comments
Hybrid layout resources and references


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