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Excel Short Courses Sydney – 1 Day Excel Boot Camps

If you’re looking for an Excel course that covers the most useful features at several levels then one of our Boot Camps may be the answer.  Most Excel courses nowadays are aimed at intro, intermediate or advanced level which often means you’ll need to attend all 3 levels to cover the content you need.

However, most users already know the basics of Excel and don’t want to waste time covering material they already know.

Trainers Direct offers 2 Excel Boot Camp Courses to suit most users

Level 1 (1 day) – intermediate level with a refresher on formulas and functions
Level 2 (1 day) – intermediate to advanced

Our Excel short courses focus on the most popular topics and support questions helping you to save time and money. So if you want to learn short cuts, tips and tricks that you never knew existed, Contact Us today and take the first step in becoming Better, Faster and More Productive.

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Level 1 Excel Refresher

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Excel Refresher Level 1

This course can be run on site over a day or users can attend a public course.

Prerequisites – Users must be familiar with the basics of Excel including data entry, column widths, row heights, inserting and deleting rows and columns, editing, basic formatting and printing.



Refresher on creating formulas using add, subtract, multiply, divide when to use brackets

Understanding how to use relative and absolute cell references in formulas

Sum, Average, Min, Max, Today, Now and Count functions

Formatting and Printing Tips and Shortcuts to get professional results

Conditional formatting to highlight data that meets specific criteria using colours, bars and graphical indicators

Protecting your spreadsheets and setting passwords

Linking spreadsheets and performing calculations across multiple sheets

Grouping and updating sheets simultaneously to save time replicating work

Freeze panes

Data analysis using sort, filter and automatic subtotals

Remove duplicates from a list

An introduction to Pivot Table Reports




Level 2 Excel Refresher

Excel Refresher Level 2

This course can be run on site over a day or users can attend a public course.

Prerequisites – Users must be familiar with the topics on our Level 1 Refresher Course


Using named ranges to make formula construction seamless

Creating drop down lists and other data validation settings to lock down your worksheets

Analysing data using Pivot Table Reports and Pivot Charts

Nested Formulas (formulas within formulas)

Advanced functions including If, and, or, Vlookup, Match, Iferror

Lookup functions inc Vlookup and Match

Manipulating text using functions

Managing large data sets

What if Analysis using Goal Seek and Scenarios

Using Macros to automate repetitive tasks


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