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Learn how to get the most out of Microsoft Excel with one of our short virtual instructor led classes delivered remotely or book an Excel trainer to visit your site. Our expert instructors deliver courses in Excel spreadsheets to all levels providing hands on, interactive training.  All Excel training courses can be tailored to your needs and delivered in bite sized chunks so that you have the flexibility to fit training into your busy schedule. You may also be interested in our Excel Charting, Excel Pivot Tables and our Power BI courses if you need to analyse data and design dashboards that are readable, functional, and insightful.

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Our instructors have a minimum of 15 years industry experience and carry relevant vendor qualifications such as Microsoft or Adobe Certified 

Excel Level 1 - Essentials - 1 Day

Corporate Excel Training Courses Onsite and Virtual

Our beginners level training in Excel Spreadsheets is aimed at users who may be self taught with a basic knowledge of spreadsheets. Users with limited Excel skills who have little or no experience of Excel formulae and functions should attend this course prior to enrolling on the intermediate level.  Customers may request an intermediate level Excel course which can be customised to include a revision section covering formulae and functions.

Course overview

Our introductory level Excel course is ideal for beginners who want to learn the essentials including how to produce formatted spreadsheets and perform calculations.

Course prerequisites

Participants will need to be familiar with Microsoft Windows and basic Windows techniques such as opening, closing and saving files.

What you will learn

  • Create, modify and format a spreadsheet
  • Use basic formulas and functions
  • Customise the print settings and print

Excel Course Topics

  • Overview
    • Keyboard and mouse shortcuts
    • Entering data into your spreadsheet
    • Data entry ranges
  • Formatting the worksheet
    • Number and date formats
    • Fonts, colours, borders, sizes
    • Adjust column widths
    • Indenting
    • Centre aligning
    • Merging and centring
    • Text Wrap
    • Format Painter
  • Formulas
    • The Sum function
    • AutoSum
    • AutoFill a formula
    • Basic formulas
    • BODMAS (working with brackets)
    • Editing formulae
    • An introduction to relative and absolute references
  • Functions
    • The AVERAGE function
    • The MAX function
    • The MIN function
    • The COUNT function
  • Working with columns and rows
    • Inserting columns/rows
    • Deleting columns/rows
    • Hiding columns/rows
    • AutoFill
  • Printing and page setup
    • Print preview
    • Margins, orientation, scaling
    • Page layout
    • Page break preview
    • Headers and footers
    • Repeating Print titles on all pages
    • Setting a print area
    • Print
    • Save as PDF

Our Intermediate Excel Course may be more appropriate for you if you already know formulas and functions.


Excel Level 2 - Intermediate - 1 Day

Intermediate Excel Training

Users attending the intermediate Excel course should have a good working knowledge of how to set up an Excel spreadsheet using formatting and basic formulas.   Users should be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide as well as being able to access page setup options and AutoSum.

Course overview

This course is suitable for people who want to use Excel to perform calculations using a variety of common worksheet functions, filter, sort and summarise database lists, format and modify charts, link sheets, produce basic pivot table reports and conditionally format cells.

Course prerequisites

Participants will need to have attended or be familiar with the topics covered in the Microsoft Excel Introduction course.

What you will learn

  • How to use a range of common worksheet functions
  • Manage a database list by filtering and subtotalling
  • Use Conditional Formatting to change cell appearance
  • Create, modify and format a range of charts
  • Produce linked worksheets and 3D formulae
  • Create basic pivot table reports

Course Topics Summary

  • Multiple worksheets
    • Copy and paste
    • Copy an entire sheet
    • Calculating across worksheets
    • Copying formulas
    • Renaming sheets
    • Inserting/deleting a sheet
    • Grouping sheets
  • Charts
    • Selecting data to chart
    • Creating a chart
    • Changing the chart type
    • Switching columns/rows
    • Adding titles
    • Reposition the legend
    • Using chart layouts
    • Printing a chart
    • Plotting a secondary axis
  • Functions and formulas

    • Absolute cell referencing
    • The COUNTIF function
    • The SUMIF function
    • The IF function
    • Working with date and time
      • Date functions – TODAY and NOW
      • NETWORKDAYS function
      • AutoFill date sequences
    • Conditional formatting
      • Conditional formatting from cell value
      • Conditional formatting from a formula
      • Editing conditional formatting rules
      • Adding sparklines
    • Sorting and filtering
      • Freeze Panes
      • Sorting lists
      • Sorting by colour
      • Filtering criteria
      • Searching for criteria
      • Subtotalling a list
    • Creating a  PivotTable Report
      • Create a PivotTable
      • Rearranging data
      • Applying filters and slicers
      • Adding a timeline filter
      • Adding fields
      • Modify field settings
      • Refreshing data
      • Formatting a PivotTable
    • PivotCharts
      • Creating a PivotChart
      • Filtering a PivotChart
    • Protecting your data
      • Workbook protection
      • Protecting cells
      • Protecting structure
    • Range names
      • Defining range names
      • Using names in formulas
      • Navigating with names
      • Using named constants
      • Documenting range names

Looking to cover Lookup functions and macros? Our Advanced Excel Training Course may be more appropriate for you.

Excel Level 3 - Advanced - 1 Day

Advanced Excel Corporate Training

Users attending the Excel advanced training course should be conversant with all topics at both intro and intermediate level.

Course overview

This course covers many advanced features of Excel including lookup and advanced functions, What-if analysis, and how to automate processes and be more productive.

Course prerequisites

Participants will need to have attended or be familiar with the topics covered in the Microsoft Excel Intermediate course.

What you will learn

  • Build complex calculations with advanced functions including lookups
  • Link and consolidate data
  • Restrict data entry with data validation
  • Importing, exporting and cleaning data
  • Create and modify Macros

Course Topics Summary

  • Functions

    • IF Function revision
    • The AND function
    • The OR function
    • Nested IF function
    • The VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and XLOOKUP functions
    • Transposing data
    • Concatenating functions

    Data Validation

    • Limiting cell values
    • Creating drop-down cell lists
    • Validation error messages

    What-if analysis tools

    • Using goal seek
    • Scenario manager

    Importing data

    • Importing CSV files
    • Text import wizard
    • Converting text to columns
    • Formatting imported data and troubleshooting

    Workbook linking

    • Workbook linking
    • Dealing with broken links
    • Data consolidation

    Exporting data

    • Saving as a different file type
    • Exporting to Word
    • Pasting data with a link
    • Copying a graph with a link


    • Recording a Macro
    • Editing a Macro
    • Relative/Absolute Recording
    • Stepping through a Macro
    • Macro buttons
    • Customising the quick access toolbar and ribbon
    • Writing a line of code
    • Deleting a Macro

We also offer Visual Basic VBA training courses for expert level Excel users and tailored Microsoft Excel macros training. We also offer Excel tuition on a one on one basis.  

Excel Essentials - 1 Day

Excel Essentials Training

Our Excel Essentials training course is a must for self taught users who want to fast track through the must have skills required in todays modern workplace. Users should have a working knowledge of using formatting, editing worksheets, basic page setup and AutoSum.

Course overview

This course is suitable for people who want to use Excel formulas and learn a variety of common worksheet functions including pivot table reports, charts and conditional formats. This course is packed with tips, tricks and shortcuts to get you up to speed fast.

Course prerequisites

Participants will need to have basic self taught Excel skills.

What you will learn

  • How to use a range of common worksheet formulas and functions
  • Analyse and display data using charts and pivot tables
  • Link data across multiple worksheets 
  • Tips and shortcuts to speed up your work

    Course Topics Summary
  • Learn commonly used formulas and functions
  • Understand relative and absolute references
  • Quick formatting shortcuts and tips for creating new worksheet
  • Linking worksheets
  • Grouping sheets
  • Charts
  • Conditional formatting
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Freeze Panes
  • Automatic Subtotals
  • PivotTable Reports
  • Worksheet Protection
  • Introduction to Vlookup



Tailored Excel training is a cost effective solution for users who require a blend of topics from different levels. Users may choose to combine topics to create a tailor made Excel course. Ask about our free online training needs analysis for a truly relevant and hands on learning experience. We offer corporate Excel training in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and onsite across all major Australian states.  All training courses are flexible and timings can be changed to suit any busy staff schedule.



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