February 2017 News 

Excel online test, public courses in Sydney and more….

It’s been a busy start to the year but finally everyone is getting back to business as usual after a long summer holiday. We are now taking bookings for on site training and public courses in Sydney and on the Northern Beaches in Dee Why.

Quiz Time – Test Your Excel Knowledge

The first of a series of online quizzes has been launched this month. See how much you really know about Excel by taking our online test here.

Public Computer and Soft Skills Courses

We have recently added the NEW following scheduled courses to our public course dates schedule:-

  • MS Project Essentials – an intro/intermediate level 1 day course covering the vital features of Microsoft Project
  • Excel Essentials Level 1 – intro/intermediate level 1 day course with a refresher on formulae and functions plus intermediate topics
  • Excel Essentials Level 2 – intermediate/advanced level 2 course aimed at self taught users who want to learn more in a fast track environment
  • Word for Report Writers – intermediate/advanced level course for users who want to learn the more intricate but essential features of using Word for reports and more complex documents
  • Minute Taking – A half day hands on workshop ideal for EA’s and anyone who wants to learn how to effectively take minutes
  • Time Management – A one day workshop perfect for anyone who needs help managing busy schedule

Tip of the Month – Word Numbering Hack

A user recently asked how to stop Word from turning off automatic numbering when she pressed Enter more than once. Easy! Instead of pressing Enter twice, if you simply want to leave a line space use Shift Enter instead. Shift Enter is the shortcut key to leave a blank line between paragraphs. Example: Switch on numbering, type your text, press Shift Enter to leave a line space and then press Enter to continue the numbered list. Repeat as needed.

Flexible Training

Remember, all of our courses are flexible and we have a broad skill set across our network of trainers from Microsoft and Adobe to professional development. If you can’t see the course you want on our website, get in touch.

Latest Feedback from our Customers

“Anita is a wonderful teacher with a vast knowledge of all things computer. Not only did she make the course fun and interesting, but I came away with tremendous knowledge and confidence. I highly recommend her services” Excel One on One Training – Kelly Hanna

Thanks for Reading

If you want to read more reviews from satisfied clients go online at Google Reviews.

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Anita Lund

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