Machine Intelligence Course

AI Training for Marketers, Designers and Content Creators

This course is suitable for designers, marketers and content creators.

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AI Course – Machine Intelligence Using AI for Business and Marketing

Make your job easier and learn to write prompts for modern AI tools to easily and efficiently produce effective content for your sites, socials, channels, emails and more. Our Machine Intelligence course is a comprehensive introduction to working with cutting edge AI technologies. Find out how to generate high impact text, conjure unique images and develop functional web content with AI platforms. We introduce prompt engineering, explore AI tools and dive in to fun, practical hands-on examples.

AI Course

Machine Intelligence AI Course

Duration: 1 Day

Course Topics


  • What is AI?
  • Capabilities, limitations
  • Useful terminology

Overview of Available Tools

What is Prompt Engineering?

Overview of Prompting for:

  • Generating text
  • Summarising text
  • Mathematical calculations
  • Generating images, video and audio
  • Generating code


Large Language Models

  • Using ChatGPT and Google Bard
  • Common Language Model settings

What Makes a Good Prompt?

  • Prompt Elements
  • Prompt approach

Using AI for Content Creation

  • Generate text
  • Generate summaries
  • Classify information
  • Have a conversation
  • Carry out reasoning

Prompting for Image Generation

  • Photoshop AI tools
  • Dall-e
  • Other online image generation


Prompting for Code Generation

  • Prompting for functional web site code
  • Prompting for best practice
  • SEO and accessibility


Refining and Improving Prompts

  • Zero Shot & Few Shot Prompting
  • Chain of Thought Prompting
  • Using Patterns
  • Other Prompting

Further Resources

  • Useful machine intelligence references
  • Where to go next?



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