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MSProject Training Onsite

Learn how to get the most out of MS Project with our short instructor led workshops onsite at your offices or delivered remotely. Whether you’re in the construction industry or looking for a training course to track Projects in other areas, our MSProject trainers will help you gain a thorough understanding of the software, giving you the skills to efficiently manage and track projects. Our Project trainers also offer guidance to assist with building your own projects and standard templates to make planning a breeze. 

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Our MSProject Training Courses are completely flexible to fit in with your busy schedule



Our instructors have a minimum of 15 years industry experience and carry relevant vendor qualifications such as Microsoft Certified 

Level 1 - Introduction/Intermediate

MSProject Training 


The Microsoft Project Introduction course provides users with an understanding of how to set up and configure MSProject and create project plans using a variety of different views. At the end of the training course delegates will have an understanding of the following topics:

NOTE: we also offer a half day essentials course providing an overview of MS Project


  • What is Microsoft Project?
  • Explore Ribbon and QAT
  • Explore Views & Tables
  • Manipulate Split & Scroll
  • Active Section
  • Scheduling Mode


Setup Calendars

  • Global Project options
  • Base Calendar
  • Working times
  • Holidays
  • Other calendars
  • Project Information box


Tasks – WBS

  • Summary Tasks
  • Detail Tasks with Indent
  • Show/Hide
  • WBS Numbering
  • Project Summary Task
  • Task Information Box
  • Durations & Elapsed Durations
  • Milestones
  • Notes
  • Recurring tasks
  • Task Calendars




  • Types of links – FS,SS,FF,SF
  • Methods of Linking
  • Multiple links
  • Lead & Lag
  • Critical Path
  • Constraints
  • Deadlines



  • Tracking Gantt View
  • Tracking Table
  • Baseline
  • Track by % of task duration
  • Track by Actuals
  • Track by Scheduled Date
  • Interim Plans
  • Multiple Baselines
  • Progress Lines


Controlling Data

  • Highlight filters
  • Auto filters
  • Default filters
  • Custom filter
  • Edit Filters
  • Grouping Tasks



  • Print Preview
  • Page Setup
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to PowerPoint
  • Timeline


Level 2 - Intermediate/Advanced - 1 Day

Microsoft Project Training Sydney

Our level 2 course can be combined with level 1 to provide a 2 day intense course on MS Project.


Course Summary

The Microsoft Project Intermediate course builds on the core knowledge taught in the intro course. At the end of the training course delegates will have an understanding of the following topics:


  • Creating a Work Resources
  • Create Material Resources
  • Resource Working Time
  • Resource Holidays
  • Resource Availability
  • Adjust Unit Display



  • Resource Assignment Calculation
  • Fixed Work Task Type
  • Fixed Duration Task Type
  • Fixed Unit Task Type
  • Effort Driven



  • Task Entry View
  • Assign Resources with Fixed Work
  • Assign Resources with Fixed Duration
  • Assign Resources with Fixed Duration & Effort Driven
  • Assign Resource with Fixed Unit
  • Assign Resource with Fixed Unit & Effort Driven
  • Set Task Type Default
  • Resource Usage View
  • Contouring
  • Assigning Fixed Material
  • Contouring Materials Usage
  • Assigning Variable Usage Material


Overallocations & Levelling

  • Resource Problems
  • Resource Graph View
  • Resource Usage View
  • Resource Over Allocation View
  • What is Resource Levelling
  • Fix: Assigning Overtime
  • Fix: Another Resource
  • Fix: Change or Redistribute Units
  • Fix: Reschedule or Split Task
  • Fix: Change Resource Hours or Availability


Customisation (Optional)

  • Creating Custom Fields
  • Inserting Custom Fields
  • Calculated Field
  • Modifying a Formula
  • Creating Graphical Indicator
  • Creating a Lookup Field
  • Entering Lookup Table Values
  • Using a Lookup Table


See our bespoke MSP training option for a targeted course focusing on your objectives

Bespoke Training and Consultancy
Combine topics to create your own tailor made Microsoft Project course. Ask about our free training needs analysis for a truly relevant and hands on learning experience. Ask about using your own Project examples, one on one courses or short courses that run over half a day. Looking for a Microsoft Project 2010 course? We offer all training versions.

Trainers Direct can also help you to set up projects from scratch and offer support and advice.



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