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Power BI Training 

Learn how to use Power BI to build impressive dashboards, easily analyse, visualise and transform data. Work collaboratively with your team and share highly visual reports in seconds within your company. Our Power BI Trainers can help you carry out your day to day tasks quickly and efficiently by giving you the knowledge to apply time saving skills and shortcuts that can be applied in the workplace. Our 1 Day Power BI Dashboard in a day course will provide the essential skills to get started with Power BI and our 2 day Advanced DAX course will take your skills to the next level. We also offer Power Query courses to prepare your data for analysing.

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Power BI Training Essentials

Power BI Training (Essentials)

Duration: 1 Day


This course can be booked for a group in a private closed session. Virtual Power BI Training and onsite training options are available.


This course delivers an instructor-led introduction to the fundamentals of Microsoft Power BI. Students will be taught how to design reports that will work with a variety of data sources and build new reporting capabilities for their business. At a glance this course covers an overview, requirements gathering, designing reports and working with workspaces and dashboards.


  • What is business intelligence?
  • Introducing Power BI
  • Power BI tools and services
  • Case studies
  • Data stories
  • Support and information

Requirements Gathering

  • Beginning a Power BI project
  • Grain statements
  • Data discovery
  • Refining information
  • Modelling data
  • Building reports
  • Creating dashboards
  • Choosing workspaces
  • Create and share a report in Power BI

Designing Reports

  • Adding pages and navigation buttons
  • Using shapes, text and images
  • Creating a theme
  • Adding visualisations
  • Using filters and slicers
  • Adding drill throughs
  • Adding custom visualisations
  • Configure phone layouts
  • Report tips and tricks

Working with Workspaces and Dashboards


  • Power BI licensing
  • My workspaces
  • App workspaces
  • Premium capacity workspaces
  • Publishing a project
  • Parallels with Microsoft Excel
  • Publishers and viewers
  • Reconnecting with data sources
  • Scheduling the data refresh frequency
  • Introducing the on-premises data gateway
  • Assigning security roles
  • Creating and populating dashboards
  • Customising dashboard tiles
  • Creating tiles using Q&A and quick insights
  • Creating a mobile dashboard
  • Sharing reports and dashboards
  • Publishing apps in a workspace
  • Publishing content to websites
Power BI Training Advanced

Power BI Training (Advanced)

Duration: 2 Days


This course can be booked for a group in a private closed session or contact us for the next public course date. Virtual Power BI Training and onsite training options currently available.


This course covers the latest in Power BI as well as a deep dive into practical solutions of the common challenges faced by a business users while performing analytics. Participants will learn how to perform more sophisticated data manipulations, best practices and do’s and don’ts of data modelling.


Delegates should have completed the essentials course or have equivalent knowledge and must also have expertise in using excel functions such as VLOOKUP and Pivot tables.

Course Topics

Power Query – Advanced Data Transformation

  • Data Transformation Principle
  • Pivot and Unpivot
  • Merging Queries
  • Appending Queries
  • Using Basic Group By functionality
  • Using Advanced Group by Functionality
  • Choosing Columns
  • Duplicating a Query
  • Referencing a Query
  • Difference between Duplicate and Reference
  • Extracting Columns
  • Formatting Columns
  • Copying Queries across reports


Power Query – Creating Columns

  • Creating Date Columns
  • Creating Standard Columns
  • Creating Scientific Columns Content
  • Creating Statistical Columns
  • Creating Information Columns
  • Creating Index Columns
  • Creating Conditional Columns
  • Creating Custom Columns
  • Creating Columns by Examples
  • Fuzzy Match
  • Using Fuzzy Match to Merge Queries
  • Changing Similarity Threshold
  • Working with Fuzzy Merge Options
  • Creating and Using Transformation Table
  • Adding static objects to a report

Data Profiling

  • Column Distribution
  • Column Quality
  • Column Profile

Data Modelling – Fundamantals

  • Concepts
  • Understanding a Data Model
  • Understanding a Fact Table
  • Understanding a Data Table
  • What Is a Dimension?
  • Working with Look-Up Table
  • Understanding Star Schema
  • Understanding Snow Flake Schema
  • How Filter Propagation Work?
  • Understanding Double Vs Single Cross Filtering Direction
  • Understanding Active Vs Inactive Relationships

Data Modelling – Common Issues and Solutions

  • Questions To Ask Before Starting?
  • Good Practices of Data Modelling
  • Having No Unique Identifier
  • Relation between Two Different Dimensions
  • Understanding Loops
  • Creation of Surrogate Key
  • Creation of Bridge/Fact-Less Fact Table
  • Creation of Calculated Tables
  • Building Calendar Table
  • Creating Hierarchies

DAX Introduction and Core Concepts

  • Understanding DAX Rules and Concepts
  • Filter Context
  • Row Context
  • Calculated Columns
  • Calculated Measures
  • Calculated Tables

Common DAX Functions

  • Related/Related Table Function
  • Sum Function
  • Count Function
  • SumX Function
  • Calculate Function
  • Filter Function
  • Use relationship Function
  • Using Variables for DAX

Quick Measures

  • Quick Measure – Year to Date
  • Quick Measure – Filter
  • Quick Measure – Rolling Average
  • Quick Measure – Percentage Difference

Data Visualisation

  • Drilling through Filters across Reports

Conditional Formatting

  • By Back Ground Colour
  • By Font Colour
  • Data Bar
  • By Rule
  • By Another Column

Working with Row Level Security

  • Creating Roles
  • Writing Table Filter Expressions for a Single Field
  • Writing Table Filter Expressions for Multiple Fields
  • Viewing as Roles
  • Assigning Members to Roles

Sharing Reports

Creating Work Space Apps



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