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Word Courses – Instructor Led Training Onsite and Remote

Take your Word skills to the next level with one of our short instructor led Word courses delivered remotely or book a trainer to visit your site.  Let’s face it, today many Word users already have the skills to create a basic document, but when it comes to troubleshooting formatting and working with long documents, Word really can appear to have a mind of its own.  We offer Word training from beginner to advanced level but also offer a short essentials course covering the most useful topics from all 3 levels for users who need to get up to speed fast.

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Our instructors have a minimum of 15 years industry experience and carry relevant vendor qualifications such as Microsoft or Adobe Certified 

Word Essentials - 1 Day

Microsoft Word Essentials

This is an intermediate to advanced level Word course perfect for users who frequently work with long documents.  Packed with the vital ingredients you will need to do your job if you’re a report writer producing tender responses, grants, proposals or simply long reports.

  • Customising Word – Set up defaults to guarantee stress free formatting and AutoCorrect
  • Customise the Ribbon and QAT to make your general routine tasks easier
  • Setting up AutoCorrect and AutoFormat including numbering and bullets
  • Understanding how to manage tabs and indentation
  • Using automatic numbering with headings
  • Inserting and managing Page Breaks
  • Using section breaks to allow for different portrait/landscape pages and different page layouts including headers and footers
  • How to control formatting efficiently within a document
  • Using heading styles and custom styles to format a document
  • Produce and automatic Table of Contents and Index or Glossary
  • Using Building Blocks to reuse blocks of text and other objects at the click of a button
  • Controlling images
  • Updating document formatting quickly without the need for repetition
  • Working collaboratively using track changes to manage edits by multiple reviewers
  • Outline view for summarising and working efficiently with long documents
  • Setting up templates
  • Benefits of attending this course:- This course will save users hours of wasted time on repetitive tasks which will be automated and made more efficient with a greater understanding of this powerful piece of software.
Level 1 - Introduction - 1 Day

Corporate Microsoft Word Training 

Our introduction level Microsoft Word training courses give beginners and self taught users the skills to be able to produce professional documents. If you want to create stunning documents more efficiently and make use of professional formatting features, tables and headers and footers, you will find this course useful.


  • General Overview
    • Select, navigate, spell check, default options, AutoCorrect, Views, Ruler, Zoom
  • Formatting
    • Character and paragraph formatting
    • Change Case
    • Paragraph formatting
    • Line spacing
    • Paragraph spacing
    • Bullets and numbering
    • Paragraph borders and shading
    • Using a built in style
    • Format painter
  • Cut, Copy and paste
    • Cut, Copy and paste in a single document
    • Cut, Copy and paste between documents
  • Document formatting
    • Page margins
    • Page size and orientation
    • Page breaks
    • Page borders
  • Automatic features
    • AutoCorrect
    • AutoFormat as you type
  • Tabs
    • Set up tabs
    • Tab Alignment
    • Manage and clear tabs
    • Indents
    • Left indent
    • Right indent
    • Hanging indent
    • First line indent
  • Tables
    • Insert table
    • Add and delete rows and columns
    • Adjust row and column width and height
    • Merge and split cells
    • Text direction and alignment
    • Borders and shading
    • Deleting a table
    • Table positioning
  • Inserting symbols
    • Insert symbols
    • Use AutoCorrect to Insert Symbols
  • Find and replace
    • Find options
    • Finding all occurrences
    • Replacing text
  • Basic Bullets and Numbered Lists
    • Apply automatic numbering/bullets
    • Modify bullets and numbers
Level 2 - Intermediate - 1 Day

Our Word Intermediate training course gives users the skills to be able to work with more complex documents and use shortcut keys to work more productively.

  • AutoCorrect and Defaults
    • Understand AutoCorrect options in Word
    • Navigate and change defaults in Word
  • Quick Parts

    • Add and modify AutoText

  • Headers and footers

    • Creating a header and footer

    • Predefined headers and footers

    • Add page numbering

    • Insert the filename and path

    • Header and footer margins

    • Different first pages

  • Customise bullets and numbering

    • Create a list

    • Restart and continue numbering

    • Change bullet symbols

    • Adjust spacing

    • Fix misaligned bullets and numbers

    • Apply multilevel numbering

    • Apply picture bullets

  • Styles

    • Apply existing styles

    • Update and modify styles

    • Create new styles

    • Add styles to the template

    • Add and remove styles from the ribbon

    • Navigation pane

  • Advanced tables

    • Merge and split cells

    • Text direction

    • Table headings

    • Tabs in tables

    • Splitting a table

    • Table positioning

    • Sorting rows in a table

    • Convert tables to text

    • Convert tabs to tables

  • Pictures

    • Crop image

    • Add a caption (floating and inline)

    • Compressing an image

    • Clip art and online images

  • Inserting SmartArt and Drawings

    • Add a SmartArt diagram

    • Enter text

    • Add and change shapes

    • Format SmartArt

    • Insert and manage drawing objects

  • Mail merge

    • Mail merge wizard

    • Link to a table or spreadsheet

    • Merge to labels

    • Email merge


Level 3 - Advanced - 1 Day

Our advanced level Microsoft Word Training Courses teach users how to produce long or complex documents. If you need to create consistent Word documents using generic formatting, styles and layouts, then this course  is for you.

  • Working with fields
    • Insert document information fields
    • View field codes
    • Update fields
    • Fill in Fields
  • Longer document features
    • Create and manage bookmarks
    • Cross referencing bookmarks
    • Create, navigate and update a table of contents using styles
    • Update page numbering
  • Managing sections
    • Next page section breaks
    • Continuous section breaks
    • Delete section breaks
  • Advanced headers and footers
    • Format headers and footers
    • First page headers and footers
    • Odd and even headers and footers
    • Headers, footers and section breaks
    • Page numbering and section breaks
  • Templates
    • Create, use and modify a new template
    • Understand template file locations
  • Importing and linking
    • Copy and paste linking
    • Paste and link a worksheet
    • Insert a document
    • Import a chart
  • Electronic forms
    • Add content controls
    • Set control properties
    • Add formula fields
    • Create drop lists
    • Create check boxes
    • Protect an electronic form
  • Tracking changes
    • Turn on track changes
    • Make changes
    • Track options
    • Review changes
    • Turn off track changes
  • Record and write macros
    • Save a file as a macro enabled document
    • Macro security
    • Prepare to record macros
    • Record and run a simple macro
    • Assign a keyboard shortcut
    • Assign a macro to the toolbar
    • Edit and delete a macro


With a bespoke Word training course, you can combine topics to create your own tailor made training programme. Ask about our free training needs analysis for a truly relevant and hands on learning experience.



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