How to Create a Drop Down List in Excel

1. Create a Simple Down List

Manual data entry into Excel can lead to many errors. Imagine for instance, users having the ability to manually enter a country name into a column, UK, United Kingdom, U.K. England, well there's just a few examples! ! Excels data validation tools allow you to reduce the inaccuracy of data by restricting the values to a pre-defined list. Users can select the item from a drop-down list with few choices, instead of directly inputting text.

Watch this short video on our YouTube channel to learn how to create a simple drop down list in Excel using a named range as the data source. When you're happy with that, check back in below to see a more advanced version where we use a dynamic data source!

2. Create a Dynamic Drop Down List

A dynamic drop down list will automatically update when items are added to it. We can also have Excel automatically sort the list too. Watch the following video to see how to do this easily without code or complex functions.

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Anita Lund  Sydney