how to setup microsoft project

Setup and Configure Microsoft Project like a Pro

One of the most important factors in Microsoft Project is ensuring the configuration is correct right at the very start. This article shares some ideas on Project setup to ensure your favourite settings are saved and enabled every time you start a new Project.  Click here to download the cheat sheet.

Top 10 Things to do When Setting up Microsoft Project

  1. Set the Project title in File, Info
  2. Set the Project Start Date in File, Info
  3. Set Project Properties in File, Info, Advanced Properties to include information such as Project title, Author and Company
  4. On the Format tab, click Project Summary Task to display Project Summary info at the top of the project
  5. Set the Working Times and Holidays (non-working days) in Project, Change Working Time
  6. Decide which calendar options to change in File, Options,Schedule
  7. Set scheduling to Automatic for all New Tasks rather than Manually Scheduled for all new projects in File, Options, Schedule
  8. Set the default date format in File, Options, General
  9. Right click the View bar on the left side of the screen and select View Bar to permanently display views
  10. Setup your favourite shortcuts on the quick access toolbar for easy access


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