July 2017 News 

Welcome to our July newsletter. The last 2 months have been extremely busy with year end approaching and we are now almost fully booked for July dates. Here's a quick low down of what's been happening...

Latest Post: Seamless Colour Matching in PowerPoint

eyedropper colour matching powerpoint

Match colours on or off your PowerPoint slides, e.g match text colour on a slide to a colour on your company logo or an image. Read our latest blog post tutorial to find out how.

Online Training July Discount Code

save money on training

Online training is a great cost effective alternative if you only have one person to train or a very specific training need which has to be exercised perhaps outside of normal working hours.  Our partnership with Udemy provides our customers with some of the best deals for online training and July is no exception. This month all online courses booked through our link will save you $$$$$'s

Use Coupon Code: JULY10310 at checkout - All Courses $10 USD 11th - 20th July 2017

Remember - one on one training courses retail start at just $495 + GST per delegate so if you want an instructor led face to face course, get in touch.

New Courses

Our latest course addition is Leadership Skills aimed at leaders and new managers. This course can be delivered as a one to one coaching day or as a group training workshop. Our professional development trainers work for the Australian Institute of Management which means that you can be assured of quality training at a fraction of the cost. Check out the course outline here.

Office Tip of the Month - Find and Replace Excel Hack

This week I was asked how to replace abbreviations of street names in Excel without using a complex formula. For instance I have a huge dataset containing abbreviations such as rd for road and ave for avenue. I want to replace rd with Road.

As most of you may already know, Word also has the Find and Replace function, and with this feature, you can replace both the whole word and part of the word. However, with Excel you don't get this option. This means that if I tried to replace st with street, in Excel the finished result for a cell containing 10 Stuart Street would be 10 Streetuart Street! Here's what to do...

1. Copy the data from Excel and paste into a new Word document.

2. In Word document, select the data (press Ctrl A to select all), and then press Ctrl + H keys together to open the Find and Replace dialog box.

3. In the Find and Replace dialog box, enter the data that you want to find e.g St and then type the value that you want to replace with e.g Street.

4. Then click More >> button to expand the Find and Replace dialog box and tick Find whole words only option, and then click Replace All.

5. Copy and paste back to Excel.

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