At Trainers Direct we understand that time is precious and that attending a training course covering irrelevant content isn’t always practical. On the other hand, it’s great to have a real life instructor on hand for an interactive learning experience and what about all of those questions you want to ask too?

One on one training is big business in Australia. We provide dozens of courses each month for executives who want to focus on specific content but with the added bonus of having their own personal tutor.

We are currently trialling some new software to provide interactive guided training sessions online for Microsoft Office applications, and are seeking start up businesses in Sydney NSW who have been trading for less than 12 months to trial our live one on one sessions.

Each online course will be an hour in length and can cover any content within the Microsoft Office suite of applications. So if you’re struggling with Excel formulas or need to know how to write a macro or analyse data using a pivot table, this could be a great opportunity for you to get some free training from a Microsoft Certified Instructor. You’ll be learning new skills and helping us to evaluate a new online learning service that could help other business users.

So if you need new Microsoft skills to help your new venture flourish and you want flexibility without committing to a full course, sign up using the comments area below for a chance to benefit from a live guided online session with one of our expert trainers. You’ll need to include your name, an email address and a short paragraph explaining a bit about your business and how a free session could help you.

With technology today, live online learning has never been more convenient.