March 2017 News 

Autumn seems to be upon us all of a sudden and with the busiest part of the year on the horizon there's plenty to look forward to. We are proud to announce our latest alliance with Udemy, the world's largest supplier of online learning.  Our online course catalog will be available very soon together with our brand new Trainers Direct Live one to one courses which will give customers a flexible and blended approach to learning. Don't forget to check out our tips and tricks too.

Live Online Training

One of our most popular services certainly has to be one on one training and this is particularly attractive to senior managers and executives alike.  Trainers Direct offers a range of one to one courses on site and off site including half day and one day computer skills and professional development sessions. We have recently added live one on one instructor led online training for most Microsoft Office courses in the format of 90 minute coaching calls. So if you have a specific problem that you need help with or simply don't have the time to attend a full session, book a coaching call.

Microsoft Online Testing

We're busily developing our Microsoft online test banks and have added a new page called Microsoft Online Tests to the site which contains online tests for Word, Project, Excel and PowerPoint. Keep checking in for future test releases on Access, Outlook and more.

Public Computer Courses Sydney and Parramatta

We have recently added the NEW following scheduled courses to our public course dates schedule:-

  • MS Project Essentials - Sydney 9 May
    intro/intermediate level 1 day course covering the vital features of Microsoft Project
  • Excel Essentials Intro-Intermediate -Sydney 2 May /  Parramatta 17 May intro/intermediate level 1 day course with a refresher on formulae and functions plus many time saving tricks
  • Excel Essentials Inter/Adv -Sydney 1 June / Parramatta 8 June
    intermediate/advanced level 2 course aimed at self taught users who want to become Excel savvy in a fast track environment
  • Word Intermediate/Advanced  - Parramatta 25 June
    intermediate/advanced level course for users who want to learn the more intricate but essential features of using Word and learn how to troubleshoot formatting
  • Minute Taking - Sydney 28 April
    A half day hands on workshop ideal for EA's and anyone who wants to learn how to effectively take minutes
  • Time Management - Sydney 3 May
    A one day workshop perfect for anyone who needs help managing busy schedule

REMEMBER: we can also offer one to one courses at your workplace or live online coaching calls.

Office Tip of the Month - Use Excel's Flash Fill to Autocomplete

If you've ever found yourself having to use the proper function to capitalise the first letter of every word in Excel, or the Upper function to convert text to uppercase, or even combining text from different cells (like first name and last name) here's a super quick way to do it. Watch this 2 minute tutorial here for one of the coolest Excel shortcuts if you are running Excel 2013 or later...

3 Time Management Tips

  1. ELIMINATE THE UNNECESSARY - this will make you more productive. So how do we pinpoint what is unnecessary? Easy, anything that prevents you completing a goal. So draw a firm line between necessary and unnecessary and be strict. Then you'll start realising how many things are really unnecessary!
  2. PLAN YOUR SCHEDULE - if you sit at your desk each morning having no idea what you want to accomplish, then guess what? There's a high chance you'll probably accomplish nothing. So... set aside ten minutes at the start of the day and create a list. OneNote is a brilliant planning tool and links to Outlook.  The time you invest to do this will help you to be more productive and effective. When you've made the list, prioritise it into urgent and none urgent tasks and then execute the tasks, ticking them off as you go or rescheduling. And... if you're not a good multi-tasker, and not everyone is, then don't. There's no point starting lots of tasks and never finishing them.
  3. INTERRUPTIONS - and there will be many... we can't always control interruptions but we can change the way in which we deal with them.  If you get distracted with that Facebook tab open in your browser or email notifications popping up in the corner of the screen, close them all down. Remove any distractions and if you're working on something important, focus on getting it done.

NOTE: to turn off Outlook notifications go to File, Options, Mail, and under the Message Arrival group of commands, untick Display a Desktop Alert.

Latest Feedback from our Customers

"The Time Management course was great yesterday! I found it so helpful; the tools that I learnt are an absolute life saver. I feel much more organised and on top of my workload already, I rate Lauren 10/10"   Time Management Essentials - Laura Arnold

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Anita Lund