May 2017 News 

Welcome to our May newsletter. May has seen quite a few web page changes on the Trainers Direct site particularly with the addition of online training in various areas. These can be found within each of the individual course pages and are being added to everyday. We have been particularly busy this month delivering Microsoft Project training helping companies build and track project plans. Remember, we can help with all bespoke requirements whether it's helping you put together a spreadsheet solution, build templates in Word or project schedules in MS Project.

Last Minute Cancellations... Save $$$'s

save money on training


Latest Blog: Save Time Formatting in Excel Use Relative Macros

save time in excel

Learn how to stop wasting time on complex formatting in Excel. Read our latest blog and video tutorial.

Online Training

online training

We are slowly rolling out links to online training modules which you'll now find on various course pages. The online courses are offered through our partnership with Udemy at great discounts and complement our own instructor led courses. Here are a few of the popular courses currently available:-

Developing Effective Time Management Habits

Business Writing Essentials

Write Emails that Get Results

An Introduction to Microsoft Word VBA Macro Programming

Data Modelling and Analysis with Excel Power Pivot

Excel Financial Modelling and Valuation

Excel VBA: The Beginner’s Guide to Programming Excel

Public Computer Courses Sydney and Parramatta

We have recently added the NEW following scheduled courses to our public course dates schedule:-

  • MS Project Essentials - Sydney 6 June intro/intermediate level 1 day course covering the vital features of Microsoft Project
  • Excel Essentials Intro-Intermediate -Sydney 9 June /  Parramatta 17 May intro/intermediate level 1 day course with a refresher on formulae and functions plus many time saving tricks
  • Excel Essentials Inter/Adv -Sydney 1 June / Parramatta 8 June
    intermediate/advanced level 2 course aimed at self taught users who want to become Excel savvy in a fast track environment
  • Word Intermediate/Advanced  - Parramatta 22 June
    intermediate/advanced level course for users who want to learn the more intricate but essential features of using Word and learn how to troubleshoot formatting
  • Minute Taking - Sydney 4 July
    A half day hands on workshop ideal for EA's and anyone who wants to learn how to effectively take minutes
  • Time Management - Sydney 29 July
    A one day workshop perfect for anyone who needs help managing busy schedule

REMEMBER: we can also offer one to one courses at your workplace or live online coaching calls.

Office Tip of the Month - New Microsoft Word Shortcuts

Some additional keyboard shortcuts that we're adding to our list (you may already know Page Break)

To insert a line break

(useful at the end of a numbered or bulleted list item to leave a space before starting a new line)

To insert a page break CTRL+ENTER
To insert a section break CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

To insert a non breaking hyphen

(that doesn't split 2 words at the end of a line)

To insert a non breaking space CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE BAR
Return to the last edit point SHIFT+ F5
Bulleted List Ctrl + Alt + L
Double Underline Ctrl + Shift + D


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Anita Lund