Setup a Microsoft Teams Meeting with External Users

Microsoft Teams is a great platform for working collaboratively but did you know that if you want to invite people outside of your organisation that this option has to be turned on? Read on for more …

To invite an external user into a Microsoft Teams Meeting from Microsoft Teams, first turn on the guest access option under Microsoft Teams admin center from Office 365 admin center, to do this you need to be the admin and you will need to go online to and sign in. Once this is setup you will be able to add an external user’s email address into a Teams Meeting. If you are not admin, contact your Office admin of your organisation to enable the guest access option.

Note: After you turn on guest access, it takes 2-24 hours for the changes to take effect. So, check after 2 to 24 hours.

Here is the detailed information article to help you setup Guest Access in Teams for your reference: Turn on or turn off guest access to Microsoft Teams

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