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Welcome to a New Way of Learning!


As businesses seek more practical and time-efficient learning opportunities for their employees, there has been a marked uptake in individual Virtual Instructor Led Training (sometimes called VILT).  VILT is a revolutionary way to provide online training for individuals. View our online live classroom courses here. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for short tutorials.


In today’s busy world it is not always feasible to attend a full day of face-to-face training away from the workplace. VILT allows individuals to complete training without leaving their desks in easy to digest modules or tailored sessions.

In a traditional classroom course, there will undoubtedly be some topics which are not relevant to all the participants, by focusing on topics that the individual needs to learn reduces the amount of time needed to master a topic and results in improved retention and higher productivity.


Business Benefits

All short sessions are delivered remotely and can be focused purely on individual or group needs, bringing the support of the traditional classroom into the workplace or home helping users to learn work related skills that can be applied right away using step by step instructions and labs.

Save Time and Money

Each 1.5 hr session can be tailored to the specific training needs of the participant and as a result, learning occurs faster than in a traditional classroom setting, saving businesses both time and money. Unlike self-paced online courses, a VILT one on one session enables the participant to ask questions and address any challenges in real time.

Need More Reasons?

Unlike self paced learning, our live online classes go beyond a lecture style environment and include many options to facilitate an interactive community of involved and engaged learners. All sessions can be recorded and sent to the participants after the course.

VILT Course Modules

VILT – Excel Formatting, Page Setup and Printing 1.5 hr

Learn how to speedily and professionally format a spreadsheet, troubleshoot formatting and manage page setup including headers and footers, repeated print titles and page breaks.

VILT – Excel Working with Databases and Pivot Table Reports 1.5 hr

Learn how to use sort, filter, freeze panes and automatically subtotal lists, analyse large data sets using a pivot table report.

VILT – Excel Formulas for Everyday Calculations 1.5 hr

Learn how to easily produce formulas to perform common calculations including when to use $.  Learn how to use built in functions to total, average, find the highest or lowest value in a range, count and much more.

VILT – Excel Logical Functions and Vlookup 1.5 hr

Learn how to use common logic functions such as IF, Count If, Sum If and when and how to use the VLookup function.

VILT – Excel Charts and Data Visualisation 1.5 hr

Learn how to display data graphically using a variety of compelling charts, use conditional formats and sparklines and incorporate into a Word document or a PowerPoint slide.

VILT – Excel Automation with Macros 1.5 hr

Learn how to record a macro to automate a series of repetitive tasks and produce macro buttons which can be assigned to a toolbar, ribbon or shortcut key .

VILT – Introduction to Office 365 1.5 hrs

Learn your way around Office 365 and understand the core services and apps.  Learn how to save and access your work in the cloud and work collaboratively. Share files with others and get acquainted with Teams, OneNote and OneDrive.

VILT – OneDrive 1.5 hrs

Learn how to use OneDrive to share files, upload and sync files to the cloud and work on your files from any location.

VILT – OneNote 1.5 hrs

Learn how to use OneNote to create digital notebooks for capturing, organising and sharing information. Create and search your notes in an instant from any device.

VILT – Teams 1.5 hrs

Learn how to use Teams the hub for Office 365 to create chat-based workspaces for information and file sharing and for collaboration on team projects and events.


VILT – Word Setup and Formatting 1.5 hr

Learn how to setup Word so that automatic settings don’t interrupt how you work. Includes setting your default font, margins, autocorrect, bullets and numbers and troubleshooting formatting, indents and tabs when things go wrong.

VILT – Working with Long Documents 1.5 hr

Learn how to work with long documents and apply consistency throughout using styles, table of contents, page and section breaks, headers and footers and more.

VILT – Word Mail Merge 1.5 hr

Learn how to use Word’s Mail Merge function to send out a personalised mailshot using a standard letter, address labels or emails.

VILT – Mastering Tables and Objects 1.5 hr

Learn how to easily create and manage Tables in Word to improve readability and document effectiveness. Use images, drawing objects and SmartArt with ease.

VILT – Outlook Email Essentials 1.5 hr

Learn how to be more organised with emails by using advanced search features, search folders, flags and categories to tame your Inbox and more.

This course requires 2-3 lessons to complete the Essentials Course. Delegates may opt to leave out resources if not required.
VILT – Part 1 Essentials: Microsoft Project Setup and Gantt Charts 1.5 hr

Learn how to setup Microsoft Project defaults and views correctly and create your first project. Understand how to enter tasks and create dependencies, format and print the Gantt chart view.

VILT – Part 2 Essentials: Microsoft Project Resources 1.5 hr

Learn how to create and assign resources in Microsoft Project and allocate costs, understand how to resolve conflicts and use resource leveling.

VILT – Part 3 Essentials: Microsoft Project Critical Path and Tracking 1.5 hr

Learn how to view the critical path of the project and use different views to present the project. Break the project down into phases using summary task headings or a separate linked subproject. Track the project using a baseline and create a project template to use for future projects.

VILT – PowerPoint Best Practice 1.5 hr

Aimed at self taught users this 2 hour session will get you up to speed quickly and fill in the skills gap. Learn how to use masters and slide layouts to ensure slides conform to consistent branding guidelines. Use a variety of different slide layouts to produce bullets, images, smart art and charts.

VILT – PowerPoint Effects 1.5 hr

Learn how to apply transition and animation effects to slides.

VILT – Tailored Session 1.5 hr

Pick and mix your own subjects to create a customised training session focusing on only what you need. Applies to end user training topics only. Please note this does not include consulting or technical courses such as Visual Basic, SQL or expert level courses. Contact us if you would like to explore further.


$250 + GST per delegate for one on one VILT for advertised course modules pay as you go
or enjoy a discounted rate of just $195 + GST for a block booking of more than 5 sessions

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