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Create an Outlook Distribution List from Excel

If you have a list of email addresses in an Excel worksheet and you want to easily use that list for sending emails direct from Outlook you can create Outlook distribution lists. Here's an example, many schools have parent email address lists in Excel format and need to be able to email their class lists from within Outlook. Rather than copying and pasting the emails every time from Excel, or worse still, entering them into Outlook manually, you can create separate distribution lists. Here's how.....

  1. Highlight all of the email addresses in your Excel sheet and press Ctrl C (copy)
  2. Open Outlook and go to the People View (Contacts)
  3. Click New Contact Group on the Home tab on the ribbon
  4. Type a name for the group e.g Year 9 Class List
  5. Click Add Members
  6. Choose From Outlook Contacts
  7. Right click in the Members box at the bottom of the dialog box (don't click the Members button)
  8. Choose Paste
  9. Click OK
  10. Click Save and Close
  11. To use the Distribution in Outlook to create a new email, compose a new message and start typing the name of the distribution list (it should pop up for your to choose)

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