Power Automate

We’re loving Power Automate at Trainers Direct! Power Automate (otherwise known as Microsoft Flow) is probably one of the most unknown tools that you already have… Login to your Office365 portal and you’ll find that this tool is included in your Office 365 subscription.

Power Automate helps you create workflows between your favorite apps and services to automate mundane tasks so you can focus on real work. And the best thing is that it includes out-of-the-box templates which allow seamless integration with over 220 systems that you use already such as Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, Excel to mention a few.

For example if you get hundreds of emails every day, and you’re finding it hard to keep up with all that traffic when you are travelling, you could set up workflow automation to get an SMS when specific people like your boss or a key customer prospect reaches out directly to you. Power Automate is also available as an addin in Excel helping users to automate repetitive tasks without the use of complex macros and VBA.

Take a look at some of the preset templates on offer. Trainers Direct offers courses (in the virtual classroom) on Power Automate and group training to get you started. Contact us for details.

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Anita Lund
www.trainers-direct.com.au  Sydney