Presentation Skills Training Sydney

A One Day Workshop for Presenters Onsite in Sydney and Melbourne or Virtual
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Presentation Skills Training Sydney

From planning to delivery, our presentation skills training course will give you the skills to handle presentation fears and nerves and how to understand your audience.  Learn how to:-

  • make a memorable impression
  • open a presentation
  • connect with your audience
  • look and sound confident through your face, body and voice
Presentation Skills (1 Day Workshop)

Our Presentation Skills Training course will help your staff to feel confident delivering powerful and interactive presentations.

Presentation Skills Course Topics

  • Prepare for a presentation by understanding the purpose and objectives
  • Plan and construct a well-structured presentation
  • Demonstrate effective presentation and communication skills
  • Balance intellectual and emotional connections with the audience
  • Build rapport and credibility with the audience
  • Create effective visual aids
  • Demonstrate how to use voice and body language to enhance a presentation.




What You’ll Learn

What makes a great presenter

  • Qualities of a great presenter


Steps in preparing a presentation

  • Determining purpose and the intention of your presentation
  • Conducting an audience analysis
  • Understand audience learning styles
  • Managing fear and nerves


Structuring your presentation

  • The three phases of a well organised presentation
  • Preparing strong openings
  • Preparing a powerful close


Presentation design

  • Planning the body content
  • Mind mapping
  • Presentation aids and tips for effective PowerPoints.

Presentation delivery

  • Preparing an effective elevator pitch
  • Hook your audience
  • Awareness of body language and tone
  • Encouraging audience participation
  • Building rapport and credibility
  • Use of stories
  • Balancing ethos, logos and pathos

Virtual Delivery

  • Delivering presentations virtually


Final thoughts

  • Dealing with difficult behaviours
  • Handling difficult questions


Have a specific set of objectives in mind? Our Professional Development courses are hands on and can combine a blend of different topics to create your own tailor made training course.



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