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Conflict Resolution Training Course Sydney

Our Conflict Resolution Training course for businesses focuses on handling difficult situations and people whether in person or handling conflict during telephone conversations. This course explores the factors that drive conflict and the techniques required to intervene and facilitate positive outcomes. We deliver onsite training courses in Sydney, Melbourne and major Australian states as well as virtual courses.

Learn how to:-

  • Understand the range of “difficult” behaviours displayed by others and recognise their own triggers and reactions to each.
  • Have learned techniques to rationalise behaviours in themselves and others and to clarify end goals.
  • Be able to plan their approach and employ techniques to allow consideration on both sides without losing ground.
  • Understand how difficult situations escalate into conflict and how this can be managed to maintain positive relationships.

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Conflict Resolution Training Sydney (1 Day Workshop)

Conflict Resolution Training Course Sydney

Course Topics

  • Sources of Conflict


  • Stages of conflict
  • Types of Conflict
  • Personalities and conflict
  • The 3 perspectives
  • Finding a solution
  • Conflict Management Styles
  • Open ended questioning
  • Active listening
  • Assertiveness
  • Saying No
  • Managing your emotions
  • Review the conflict resolution process/steps
  • Difficult Behaviours
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Stress management techniques
  • Negotiating a Solution
  • Reflection

What You’ll Learn


By the end of this course you should be able to :

  • Gain an understanding of the sources, causes and types of conflict


  • Learn how to apply conflict resolution approaches
  • Develop communication tools
  • Learn anger and stress management techniques


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