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Managing Time Courses Onsite in Sydney and Virtual

Managing Time Courses

Our Time Management workplace training courses are designed for individuals who are struggling with competing priorities. Time management and organization skills help you to master techniques to analyse workloads, prioritise tasks, and put systems in place to increase productivity and get more done in less time.

Learn effective time management strategies and improve your organisational skills.  We train managers, teachers, executives, supervisors, professionals and just about anyone who needs to apply time management strategies in the workplace. Our time management courses are delivered onsite in Sydney or remote face to face delivery in the Virtual Classroom. Our Managing Time courses can be delivered as a half day workshop for smaller groups.

Learn how to Avoid the Top 10 Time Management Mistakes

Mistake 1. Failing to Keep a To-Do List

Mistake 2. Not Setting Personal Goals

Mistake 3. Not Prioritising

Mistake 4. Failing to Manage Distractions

Mistake 5. Procrastination

Mistake 6. Taking on Too Much

Mistake 7. Thriving on “Busy”

Mistake 9. Not Taking Breaks

Mistake 10. Ineffectively Scheduling Tasks

See our time management course outline below for further information on time management and organization skills training or request our time management course PDF.

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Time Management (1 Day Workshop)

Managing Time Courses in Sydney and Virtual

This course will help your staff to make better use of their time and plan their schedules more efficiently. We offer Time Management Training Courses in Sydney, virtual and Onsite throughout Australia.

Course Outline

Key Principles

  • Benefits of good Time Management
  • Circle of Influence/Concern


  • S.M.A.R.T Goals
  • Turning Goals into Actions
  • Staying Focused

Prioritising the Day

  • Task planning
  • Prioritising and staying on track
  • Planning your day
  • Urgent vs import concept
  • Simplifying large tasks


  • How to remove avoidance


  • Learning how to say No

Common Time Wasters

  • Managing emails
  • Managing Interruptions
  • Managing virtual interruptions
  • Meetings
  • Poor communication
  • Ineffective delegation

Action Planning

  • Formulate a plan


What You’ll Learn

  • Identify opportunities to develop time management skills
  • Understand how urgency and importance drive your daily tasks
  • Develop strategies to do the right thing, on the right task, at the right time
  • Recognise time stealers and wasters, and implement strategies to reduce or stop their impact
  • Manage your work environment to prevent and reduce time wastage
  • Learning the art of saying ‘no’ in a way that’s honest and respectful


Have a specific set of objectives in mind? Our Professional Development courses are hands on and can combine a blend of different topics to create your own tailor made training course.
The time management course was great yesterday! I found it so helpful; the tools that I learnt are an absolute life saver. I feel much more organised and on top of my workload already. I rate Lauren 10/10!
Laura Arnold

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