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HTML and CSS Training Sydney

Trainers Direct offers HTML and CSS short courses in-house to get users up to speed quickly with the languages used to create webpages.  Gain an understanding of HTML and CSS basics with our onsite hands on instructor-led courses.

All of our HTML and CSS training courses are taught by highly experienced instructors with at least 15 years industry experience.

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HTML and CSS Essentials

html css training sydney

HTML5 and CSS3 Essentials Training Sydney 

Our HTML and CSS Essentials training provides an introduction to HTML5 and CSS3. Learn how websites are designed and use HTML5 code to create webpages from scratch. During this hands on workshop our expert trainers will teach you how to format content, create hyperlinks and insert media and images. 

This one-day course provides the essential foundations to be able to edit web content using a Content Management System or to become a professional web designer/developer, 

OUTLINE – Duration: 1 Day

The W3C – Web Standards
Making a correct HTML file
Testing in web browsers
HTML tags – overview
Bookmarks and search descriptions
Attributes within tags
Key tags and best practice for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
The importance of comments
Efficiency and best practice
Text Content
Headings and paragraphs
SEO and accessibility tips
Special characters – currency, trademark symbols etc
Container and non-container tags
CSS Intro
Making a stylesheet
Connecting the HTML and CSS
Changing simple CSS text properties
Tag selectors and rules
Class selectors and rules
The beginnings of layout and positioning
Correct formats and sizes
Compression for faster sites
Links to external sites
Links between site pages
Setting up site navigation links
Structured Text Content
Using lists for groups of items
Using tables for spreadsheet like data
Adding a form
Specifying where and how to send the data
Text and email inputs
Send button
Attributes for form elements
Further CSS Styling
Setting font families, colours, sizes, weights
Styling for lists and tables – borders, bullet points, spacing
Pseudo-class selectors
Styling for links – new and visited
Styling for form elements

Intermediate/Advanced Skills

Contact us to discuss your training requirements and we will tailor a training program based on your requirements.



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